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The basses boom, the tenors tremble on the topmost notes,

Sopranos sing like anything with marbles in their throats,

Contraltos contribute the best to which they can aspire,

But everyone has fun on Tuesday singing in the choir.


Our MD is an angel, though she's never played the harp

And if we sing a trifle flat she's never known to carp.

How she cajoles and lifts our souls is something to admire.

And she does it every Tuesday when we're singing in the choir.


We sing some international songs in language no-one knows.

We do without accompaniment to keep us on our toes.

Though we won't set the world on fire, we certainly perspire.

We're real hot stuff on Tuesdays when we're singing in the choir.


As last performance comes around and we're all at our best

Our velvet voices sound superb when they're put to the test.

And why do we win loud applause? There's no need to enquire:

It's thanks to all those Tuesdays when we're singing in the choir!

A cold December Saturday, saw us at Kingston Lacy again.

With the Ringwood Choir at Stourhead in September.

At Kingston Lacy singing carols in December.

We sometimes sing for family and friends.
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